Sunday, 25 September 2016

Chinese couple exchange huge pythons instead of rings at their wedding

Some couples exchange ring on their day wedding day but this couple exchanged two 33-pound giant gold pythons instead of rings at their wedding marriage in China.

When it came time for the couple to exchange gifts on stage, they draped the snakes around their partner's body before embracing during a hug.

The couple are literally volunteers at their native animal protection centre. However, it's not known why they might select pythons for their special occasion out of all the animals they need come into contact with.

The couple discovered the two gold pythons in the countryside of Jilin City in 2015, according to a follow-up report People's Daily Online.

They were believed to be intentionally released for religious purposes. After the photos and videos went viral online, the two pythons were seized by forestry public security bureau in the morning of September 18, the report said.

The pythons currently staying at a local wild animal rescue center.

Source: dailymailPeople's Daily Online


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